Political Engagement Activities on Campus


Saint Mary's College is proud to host a lively political scene on campus.

Campaign for Democratic Engagement

Saint Mary's is part of the All IN Campus Democracy Challenge. The challenge recognizes campuses committed to improving student voting. In 2020, Saint Mary’s earned distinction as one of only 47 schools to achieve greater than 80% student turnout. That’s a 21 percentage point increase over our 2016 election turnout, and well above the national average of 66%.

Get Involved 
For the 2022 election, our goal is to register every eligible student and achieve a 75% voter turnout. Online voter registration is easy--just go to our TurboVote site.

Register to Vote

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Clubs On Campus

Our students have created many clubs on campus that further their political learning. Saint Mary’s students are proud to participate in our branch of Ignite – a nonpartisan organization with the goal of getting young women into politics – as well as both the College Republican and Young Democrats clubs of Saint Mary’s. Our students gain connections through these clubs and participate in larger organizations through our branch chapters, furthering Saint Mary’s belief in the Lasallian principle of Quality Education.

Intercultural Center

The Intercultural Center at Saint Mary’s College of California is a safe place that strives to create a supportive, diverse, and inclusive learning environment. At the Center, Saint Mary’s provides a space for diversity events, hosting open mic nights for the students, International Club meetings, and positivity events such as Feel Good Fridays. An inclusive student gathering area, the Intercultural Center is a place to have horizons broadened and diversity affirmed.

Campus Speakers

Saint Mary’s College of California has welcomed numerous important speakers who have addressed timely and fascinating political subjects, from the courageous Anita Hill’s talk on reimagining equality to acclaimed author Kevin Young’s discussion of the poet’s responsibility. In addition, the acclaimed Lee Mun Wah, Chinese American director and consultant, spoke at the College and gave his unique perspective on creating community between multicultural groups. Congressman Mark DeSaulnier held a town hall here at Saint Mary’s College to answer students’ questions about income inequality, soaring housing costs, and becoming politically involved. And recently, Saint Mary's hosted a town hall on the ways in which social media affects the polarization of democracy.