CEL Resources for Educators


Watershed Explorer Curriculum

Incorporates language skills, art, science, history, and culture into activities and exercises for kindergarten through high-school students. Select activities from the Watershed Explorer Curriculum are available on our website.

Watershed Explorer Curriculum


Save the Bay's San Francisco Bay Watershed Curriculum

This is a marvelous resource provided by Save the Bay for educators and students living, working, learning, and exploring in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Environmental Resources for Educators

A variety of resources we've compiled that may help educators build lesson plans and engage students in the art and poetry of place. 

Environmental Resources


River of Words: Young Poets and Artists on the Nature of Things: A Poetry Writing Guide 

This full-color, 75-page guide helps students get beyond impediments to creativity and expression. Developed by Louisiana teachers Connie McDonald and Harriet Maher, in conjunction with River of Words and Milkweed Editions. Hit the button below for the PDF!


Select activities from the Poetry Writing Guide are also available here on our website.


Resources for Affordable Art Supplies

Purchasing from brick and mortar specialty stores like Michaels' can be convenient, but it's often not the most economical option. Online catalogues operate more slowly, but ordering supplies in bulk for a class can help stretch a budget further. Here are some options to consider for purchasing art supplies:

Thrift stores and second-hand art supply stores can also be helpful; general thrift stores sometimes have basic supplies like acrylic paints at deep discounts, and dedicated second-hand art supply stores often have gently used tools on hand. Local to River of Words in California's East Bay Area is The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse. There may be a similar resource in your area!


The ROW Regional Coordinator Starter Kit

If you wish to sponsor your own River of Words contest in your area or you intend to participate as a group in the national River of Words contest, contact us at rowinfo@stmarys-ca.edu for your ROW Regional Coordinator Starter Kit and ROW Affiliation Agreement Form. The Starter Kit has lots of useful information and resources to get you up and running.  

Saint Mary’s retains all rights, title, and interest in the River of Words curriculum, logo, and materials and unless an entity has entered into a formal Affiliation Agreement with River of Words the use of any River of Words logo or materials is prohibited. Upon formation of a formal affiliation with River of Words, the Affiliate will be granted a nonexclusive license to use such logos and materials only in connection with the River of Words Program and Contests.