Zooming In


1. Freewrite 

How are we like other organisms, insects, and animals?

Free write in response to this question.


2. Optional: Watch the Documentary Microcosmos 

This step is optional

  • Watch the documentary Microcosmos on youtube or at another source


3. Select an Insect to Research 

Independently, or with a friend or loved one, select an insect and do some research to begin to think from the creature's perspective.

Some things you might research:

  • habitat
  • eating habits
  • mating habits
  • viewing a detailed sketch
  • any other interesting facts


4. Pretend to be the bug! 

Now, you can pretend to 'be the bug'. Ask yourself some questions to help get in the mind of the bug. Think about this like an interview, ask the bug some questions and try to answer them yourself.

Some questions you might ask:

  • What do you like to do?
  • How do you feel when I enter your environment?
  • Why do you live where I live?
  • What do you think about all day? 


5. Begin writing your persona poem! 

Begin writing your persona poem from the perspective of the creature you've researched.

A persona poem is a poem in which a writer puts on a “mask” and speaks in the voice of something or someone else.


6. Share what you've created! 

When you finish freewriting you can:

  • Read it out loud to yourself to see if you will make any edits.
  • Give your piece of writing a title.
  • And of course... share your creation with a friend or loved one!


7. Submit Your Writing 

Submit your writing to potentially be published in the River of Words Anthology.