Environmental Resources

Profile of a bird


Whether you’re just getting started or looking to expand your environmental/arts-teaching program, these online resources will inspire and inform you.

Use these resources in conjunction with our River of Words Watershed Explorer Edu

Local River of Words Resources

A variety of resources for educators, including the Project WET Portal, links to the Water Education Curricula, and various water education classroom aids.

A wide range of resources covering poetry, art, and environmental education. Includes Pima County and Arizona-specific field study models for classes in the K-12 range.

A curriculum focused on providing resources for developing students' poetry and art skills, sense of place, and connection to the environment.

Science Museums

San Francisco’s hands-on science and art museum.

Online experiments, activities, and projects for kids. Museum is part of the University of California at Berkeley.

Plants and Animals

View the world through a bee's eye!

Kids and adults around the world draw, paint, and photograph their favorite trees. Click on the name of a school to view a project.

A comprehensive field guide for all kinds of wildlife around North America.

Writing Resources

An organization motivated to guide young writers with establishing strong beginnings in their writing careers

Other Resources

A TED talk by Saul Griffith, founder of Makani Energy.

Visionary and practical ideas for restoring the Earth.

Includes a detailed summary on the dangers of improperly disposed batteries and battery recycling resources!

Europe and Mexico

River of Words in Europe

Danish-based organization that offers environmental education resources for all European countries.

Based in Mexico; provides Spanish-language environmental-education resources.