Writing with Artificacts


1. Find a stone from outside. 


2. Do some pre-writing, thinking about stones. 

Some questions you might consider:

  • What types of stones do you know?
  • What kinds of things have you done with stones?
  • What memories do you have that might involve stones?
  • What other associations do stones have for you? 


3. Begin to free-write about the stone you've found. 

  • What does your stone look like? What do you notice about its color, shape, texture, size? Describe it. 
  • Where did it come from? What is it made of? What keeps it together? What do you see in its future? Analyze it. 
  • What other things, persons, places, issues are like your stone? How are they different? Compare it. 
  • What else does your stone make you think of? Let your thoughts range far and wide on this one. Associate it. 
  • What could you do with your stone? How could you use it? Apply it. 
  • What can you say in your stone’s defense? What are some pros?


4. Share what you've created! 

When you finish freewriting you can:

  • Read it out loud to yourself to see if you will make any edits.
  • Give your piece of writing a title.
  • And of course, share your creation with a friend or loved one!


5. Submit Your Writing 

Submit your writing to potentially be published in the River of Words Anthology.