There are three types of courses, listed below. The course descriptions provide more detailed information about specific courses, as well as a link to the upcoming class schedule.

Foundation Courses

You will gain the basic knowledge and skills needed to be successful in advanced graduate business courses. You must meet the requirements for all seven foundation courses; however, you may qualify to have these courses waived based on previous academic work. 

Core Courses

You will develop your ability to analyze business information, understand business functional areas, and be a responsible leader. You must meet the requirements for all eight courses. However, if you have taken similar post-graduate courses in another MBA program, you may qualify for transfer credits.

Concentration Courses


General Management 

You can earn a general management degree by completing three courses from any of the concentrations or you can tailor your MBA to your career goal by selecting a concentration in finance, marketing, business analytics, international management or entrepreneurship.


This concentration will provide enrolled participants exposure to both the fundamentals of business and the practical aspects of identifying, evaluating, and moving business ideas forward through the stages of new venture formation, financing, startup and growth in both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

To earn a specialization in entrepreneurship, you must take:


Firms, banks and other institutions rely on their finance departments to make and analyze major tactical and strategic decisions every day.  Is this project feasible?  Will it be profitable?  How much should we spend on marketing?  An MBA degree in Finance from Saint Mary’s College will provide you with the skills needed to make these critical decisions, making you an asset to any company, in any industry.

To earn a specialization in finance, you must take:

Business Analytics

Analyzing large data sets — commonly called big data — has become a key basis of competition, fostering new waves of productivity growth and innovation. However, there is significant scarcity of talent that can elicit managerial implications from this type of comprehensive data. A MBA degree in Business Analytics from Saint Mary’s College will provide you with the skills needed to perform sophisticated analytics for actionable business opportunities and decisions.

To earn a specialization in business analytics, you must take:

International Management

The emergence and ease of globalization has compelled firms to expand beyond the borders of their home country, making International Management a highly significant and integral part of a firm's overall business strategy.  Because today’s business school graduates are expected to compete in a global marketplace, Saint Mary’s MBA program in International Management strives to prepare you for this in our classrooms. 

To earn a specialization in International Management, you must take:


From a marketer’s point of view, figuring out how to appeal to consumers just like you through these types of methods is critical.  The average U.S. consumer gets pitched 30,000 times a day.  Discovering the best ways to effectively communicate with people is difficult.  But, Saint Mary’s College MBA in Marketing can help you turn your job into a career, whether you are learning the intricacies of social media marketing strategy, or how to advance your own career by transforming your resume into an effective brand name.

To earn a specialization in marketing, you must take: