Section 10: End of Employment

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Authority: Director of Benefits

10.1  Voluntary Termination

10.2  Involuntary Termination

10.3  Reductions in Force

10.4  Exit Interviews

10.5  Return of College Property

10.6  Benefits After End of Employment

10.1 Voluntary Termination 

Voluntary Termination may occur for any reason, such as retirement or resignation, or for no reason. The College requests that whenever possible, advance notice of intent to resign be given in writing to the employee’s immediate supervisor; however, no advance notice is required to effect resignation from the College. An employee who is absent without notice or appropriate excuse for three (3) consecutive work days is deemed to have resigned from his/her employment with the College.

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10.2 Involuntary Termination

Involuntary termination of employment may occur for any reason, such as a reduction in force, reorganization of duties or positions, a change in business needs, the employee’s unsatisfactory performance, violation of policies, or engaging in prohibited conduct, the best interest of the College, or for no reason, absent legal or contractual obligations. (See also Prohibited Conduct, Section 2.14.

10.3 Reductions in Force

At the College’s discretion, employees whose employment with the College is terminated for reasons other than performance may be eligible for severance pay. Following consultation with appropriate parties, the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources or designee, in his or her sole discretion, will determine eligibility for, if any, and amounts of severance, where appropriate.

10.4 Exit Interviews

Terminating employees are encouraged to participate in an exit interview with Human Resources to share their perceptions of strengths of the College and improvements the College could make to enhance the community, and improve the environment for employees and students. Terminating employees are typically contacted by the Human Resources office to schedule an exit interview, but employees leaving the College can also request an appointment with the Director of Employee Relations & Compensation or the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources or designee.

10.5 Return of College Property

No later than the last day of employment, employees must return all College property, including keys, cell phones, laptop computers, records and files, library materials and credit cards. A checklist of employee and supervisor responsibilities when employment ends is available on the Human Resources website.

10.6 Benefits After End of Employment

Human Resources will provide information concerning available benefits and benefits conversion in a letter to the employee. Some benefits continue for a period of time after employment ends. Some benefits can be continued by the employee and/or qualified dependents. For more information, see Benefits Section 8, paragraphs 18 and 19, or consult Human Resources.

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