Policy on Safety and Protection of Minors Saint Mary’s College is committed to protecting the safety and wellbeing of all visitors to our campus, especially minors. This policy applies to all college departments and organizations, Athletics and other summer camps, instructional programs and any other organized activities where minors participate, including those that involve overnight housing in the residence halls as well as daily activities. All faculty, staff, students, volunteers and third party contractors who work with minors on campus are responsible for their protection in compliance with both Saint Mary’s College policy and all relevant laws governing child abuse and neglect. Failure to comply with this policy may lead to disciplinary sanctions. 


Minor: anyone under 18 years of age, excluding enrolled SMC students who have attained the age of 17 prior to enrollment.

Child abuse: serious endangerment of a child’s physical or mental health due to injury by act or omission, including acts of sexual abuse.

Minors Not Participating in College-related Programs and Activities

Unless they are participating in an organized program or activity designated for minors, Saint Mary’s College is not designed to accommodate minors. Minors should not be on campus unsupervised. The Office of Public Safety will be notified of unattended minors.

Requirements for College-related Programs and Activities Where Minors Participate

1. Campus sponsored youth programs include but are not limited to day camps, overnight camps, clinics, instructional programs and sports camps. Designated program or activity sponsors are responsible for identifying the names, ages and headcounts of minor attendees. A parent or guardian must sign a program-specific waiver before each minor can participate, as well as provide emergency contact information and emergency medical treatment authorization and release forms. Authorization for sports-specific physical requirements, equipment safety, and use of facilities (including pools) must be included.

2. Programs and activities sponsored by a third party must properly register with the Office of Meetings, Events and Conference Services by submitting a Campus Facility Use Agreement (; (925.631.4156). Designated program or activity sponsors are responsible for identifying the names, ages and headcounts of minor attendees.

3. All activity and programs sponsors are required to provide names and contact information for all adult staff, students, faculty, volunteers or third party contractors who work with minors. Each must complete a criminal background check before they are authorized to participate in college-related programs or activities. Each must complete an online training course for working with minors before the program or activity begins. The course addresses how to recognize, prevent and report sexual misconduct.

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4. Every program must meet the minimum appropriate staffing ratio of adults to minors as described below.  SMC does not permit overnight campers under the age of 14:

  • For participants age 6-8 years, 1 staff for every 8 day participants; 
  • For participants age 9-13 years, 1 staff for every 10 day participants;
  • For participants age 14-17, 1 staff for every 12 day participants and every 10 overnight participants.

5. All staff, students, faculty, volunteers or third parties who work with minors are required to immediately report any suspected inappropriate behavior, molestation, abuse or neglect of minors to the campus Office of Public Safety at (925) 631-4282.