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DUE TO THE CURRENT CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK, the IC IS CURRENTLY CLOSED UNTIL THE FALL 2020 SEMESTER.  For questions please contact the Director, Legacy Lee at for any questions or for more information.


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Our Mission

The Intercultural Center strives to create a safe and supportive learning environment that values diversity and builds an inclusive community. Through our co-curricular programs and services, the IC promotes cultural competence and social justice.

Our Goals

  1.  Develop and implement co-curricular programs and services that foster cultural competency.
  2. Provide a safe space for all students to engage their multiple, intersecting, and evolving identities.
  3. Advocate for and empower historically underrepresented and traditionally marginalized groups.
  4. Support student leaders to be change agents for social justice.
  5. Build connections to help create a community that values diversity in all of its forms.


"Our ongoing examination of who we are in our full humanity, embracing all our identities, creates the possibility of building alliances that may ultimately free us all." - Beverly Tatum


With the policy changes that have been promised, enacted, and still to come, we at the Intercultural Center want to reaffirm our values and mission. We recognize that the role of government is complex and requires changes to meet the needs of the diverse communities that exist in the United States of America.  We imagine that the changes and that have been issued have created a wide range of emotions for those in our SMC community. Some are elated and believe this is the best direction for this country, while some are worried about how these changes will impact their lives going forward, and others are terrified that their civil liberties will be stripped away.

The best response in uncertain times is to remain true to our values. We share the statement made by the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, which stated, “We are disappointed by the recent decision made by the Trump Administration to end the DACA program. AAC&U will continue to work with our member institutions to advocate for immigration policies and programs that ensure protections for the approximately 800,000 individuals who contribute greatly to the schools in which they are enrolled, the communities in which they live, and the democracy they serve.” It is vital that we understand and respect the members of our broadly diverse campus in terms of social identities, ideology, and political views. However, it is also important that the expressions of our views are done with the same consideration and respect that we strive for in our core values as an institution of higher education.

We do not know yet how everything will unfold but we do know that the Intercultural Center will always be available as a place that both affirms who we are in all of our identities and beliefs and that serves as a site of comfort and education. We recognize the absolute necessity of a diverse and inclusive community to ensure an excellent education. People of all backgrounds are welcome in the Intercultural Center.

We have a responsibility to create safe learning environments where every student can learn and become empowered workers and informed citizens. This imperative seems even more important today. The Intercultural Center’s values of equity and inclusion have not changed and will not change and it is up to each of us to assure that we live out our values in every classroom, every program, and in each individual interaction.

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