Student Staff Positions

Student Staff Positions Student Staff Positions

There are many different ways to get involved with the IC! If you have a passion for social justice education and community building, check out some of the IC's paid hourly student staff positions.


Social Justice Advocate (SJA)

The social justice advocates are trained intergroup dialogue facilitators who lead Invest sessions on current social justice topics, as well as coordinate Collective Hour, affinity based storytelling spaces.  In addition SJAs also help dun the day to day operations of the Intercultural Center, and support all monthly intercultural programs and Cultural Graduate Celebrations.  This is a paid, hourly position; federal work study preferred but not required.  See complete job description here.


Graphic Designer (GD)

The graphic designer provides administrative and programmatic support to the IC staff.  The GD creates a majority of the publicity and marketing for the center. Working independently most of the time, the GD is part of a large team of student leaders who help implement many of the IC's programs and services.  This is a paid, hourly position; federal work study preferred but not required.  See complete job description here.


Social Media Strategist (SMS)

The social media strategist oversees all of the Intercultural Center's social networks and coordinates our bi-weekly newsletter. The ambassador publicizes IC programs using creative techniques. This position can also help facilitate programs and workshops.  See complete job description here.


Cultural Event Coordinator

The Cultural Event Coordinator (CEC) serves as both a coordinator of on campus partnerships for cultural  heritage months, signature holidays and coordinator of Cultural Night related events.  They should be passionate about intergroup dialogue, social justice, event planning, and building community through a variety of events and passive programming. The CEC position will also support the daily operations of the Intercultural Center. See complete job description here.


Administrative Assistant (AA)

The administrative assistant supports the programming efforts of the IC student staff, acting as a mentor and additional support person for newer staff members.  They also support the professional staff in project management, catering orders, assessment strategies and student staff training.  This is a paid, hourly position; federal work study strongly preferred. See complete job description here.