Copy, Print, Scan, Charge!

device charging station Charge your devices

There are five standing charging stations scattered around the building with different plug-ins. There are also 20 individual chargers that you can check out from the front desk on the first floor.  No reason to not be charged up anymore!  check out a charging station for your phone!



computer lab photo


Computers can be found on every floor. The majority of them are found on the first floor along the walls and in the quiet study room. More are located in the atrium area and on the third floor. Students, faculty, and staff can log on using their SMC usernames and passwords. Guests can request to use two computers located at the reference desk for their research needs. For more information please call (925) 631-4266.

printer image


Six printers are available for students, faculty, and staff through GaelPrint. Two black and white printers are located on the first floor, and two on the second floor. A third printer is located on the third floor near the computer tables. One color printer is located on the first floor near the reference desk. These printers can also be accessed via the Cloud Print service. Log in to upload documents to print. Choose specific printers to send your documents to. You will need to release them to print, which you can do from any device.

Where can I print on campus?

Please be aware: if you print and release your documents and then do not pick them up quickly, they will be disposed of. Please ask for help at the TechBar if you have questions. Guests can use a black/white printer at the reference desk for ten cents a page. For more information call (925) 631-4266.

copier image


There are two photocopiers in the library that anyone can use for their duplicating needs. Double-sided copying is available. Automated document feeding (ADF) is not available. Color copying is also not available. Cost is ten cents a page or nine cents a page with a copy card. For more information please call (925) 631-4229.

Library scanners


Scanners are available with HP scanning and Kurzweil software for College students, faculty, and staff. Four have been installed on height adjustable tables. Two scanners are also available in the TechBar. For assistance in using these machines, please call (925) 631-4266.


An easier was to scan is here, come experience our scannx machine.  Click and send!

Book Scanners

Come try out our Scannx scanner! You can send files to Google Drive, your phone (via QR code), to the printer, and more. They are located on the 1st and 3rd floors.



microform reader image


Two microform machines are located on the third floor of the library that anyone can use. Printing costs ten cents a page. For assistance in using these machines, please contact the Library Service Desk at (925) 631-4229.