Migrant Lives Border Immersion 2018 (Immigration)

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The Migrant Lives Immersion is an opportunity to gain a deeper awareness of the current and contended political issues surrounding the southern border and the topic of immigration. It takes place during JanTerm Break.

Why im/migration?

Around 11 million undocumented immigrants live in the United States. There are many opinions on how the U.S. should be addressing the topic, and with the new presidency in place there may be many changes as to how the immigration system will look. Our hope is that with this immersion, students will learn more about the various aspects of immigration, these include but are not limited to deportation, detention, sanctuary cities, and the implications that a wall along the U.S. - Mexico border could have.   

2017 Group, arrival day.

What am I actually going to do on this immersion? 

During our time together we will immerse ourselves in a completely different setting by staying in Tijuana. We will visit different government and activist organizations in San Diego and Tijuana that have ties with the immigrant community. Learning about such organizations can provide different perspectives that may you may not have been exposed to if not for the immersion. There will be time to explore and reflect, build community with your peers, and to really formulate your own opinion about immigration.

Migrant Monarch.