Lasallian Service Internship (LSI)

The Lasallian Service Internship I course will be offered for January Term 2023, with placements at sites in Concord, Oakland, and San Francisco. LSI I currently fulfills COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT and COMMON GOOD core curriculum requirements. 

The Lasallian Service Internship course - LSI - has been a tradition at Saint Mary's College since 1985. Formerly called "Christian Service Internship (CSI)," its goal is to provide opportunities for students to engage reflectively with organizations that directly serve economically poor and marginalized populations, actively participate in community with each other and their assigned organization, and explore these experiences through the lens of Lasallian spirituality.

Each student enrolled in the LSI I course is matched with one of several local organizations (including a preschool, middle schools, a senior center, free dining room, and social service agencies), and prepares for their engagement experience through general and site specific orientations in the fall, and a week of class meetings and assignments the first week of Jan Term. A one day group immersion experience is included in that week. Students spend approximately 30 hours per week for the remaining three weeks of Jan Term at their assigned organization. Students meet at least weekly with their on-site supervisor, complete weekly readings and reflections, and meet as a group once a week for a potluck dinner and discussion. Students meet for one final class and dinner in February. 

Usually, two courses are offered: LSI I for students placed at local or domestic sites, and LSI II for international sites. However, only LSI I (with local placements) will be offered for Jan Term 2023. 

Click HERE for details about the LSI I course, and possible site placements

For More Information

Please contact Carrie Davis in the Mission and Ministry Center for more information about the Lasallian Service Internship Jan Term Course.  She can be contacted by phone at 925-631-4982 or by email at