Group Submission Process

  1. Invite your students to explore their local watershed, the theme of the River of Words. A watershed is a system of streams and creeks that drains into the same body of water; every plant, animal, person, and object you see in your day-to-day life is part of your watershed.

    The goal of the River of Words Contest is to connect youth with their watersheds — the environments they live in — through engagement in art and poetry. We look for art and poetry that shows a real connection to the world around you. For some folks, that means a lot of green and open space; for others, that means a city environment, with different noises, smells, and sights. We're looking for youth to show us what they see about their world. Check out our "What is River of Words looking for in art and poetry?" page for additional ways to inspire your students. 

  2. Collect permission from guardians of all students who will submit art or poetry. Permission can be collected through this online form OR by printing and collecting copies of this hard copy form and scanning and uploading with your submissions. PLEASE CHOOSE ONE METHOD FOR ALL STUDENTS IN YOUR GROUP. 

    Important: Please provide parents with the specific name of your group so that there is consistency in your group name. E.g.: School, Teacher, and Grade “Maple Middle School: Ms. Martin, 3rd Grade”

  3. Complete the Group Entry Form (link below). 

    Once the form is submitted, a contest coordinator will send you a link to upload your student work, with a group ID. It may take up to 1 week for you to receive a link. If you have not received a link within 7 days, please reach out to

  4. Photograph or Scan any physical art or poetry. 

    IMPORTANT: All artwork and any physical consent forms should be named using the following format: Student Last name_Student First Name _ GroupID. Submissions that are not titled in this format cannot be considered in the selection process.

  5. When you have collected the work, upload all works (poetry and/or art) using the dropbox link sent by our team.

This is a new system to all of us and we are working through the details. Please let us know if you need support or if something isn't working and bear with us as we work through any issues. Our team is here to help!  Email us at and we can assist and/or set up time to walk you through the process or troubleshoot. 

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