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Dear SMC Faculty and Staff,

At this time, there have been many incidences of Influenza (flu) across the country, including Contra Costa County.  Flu season is here and we want to provide information on how to stay healthy, recover from the flu, and encourage the use of medical resources if you are affected by the flu. (In fact, I am sending this message from my home office as I currently fight off such symptoms.)

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has a list of great "Flu: Preventative steps."Please note, that the Health and Wellness Center (H&WC) has free face masks.  Additionally, in the past, H&WC has offered flu vaccines for a small fee ($30), however, due to limited supplies, students will be given first priority.   Staff and faculty can save cost by going to their medical provider or pharmacy to get the vaccine at no cost (using insurance). They should call ahead, as we have found that some pharmacies close to campus are out of the vaccine.  

The CDC provides information regarding "The Flu: What to do if you get sick."   The College provides paid sick leave for employees (see HR website for employee type) so that we can support you as well as a healthy work place when you have a real need for time away from work. We also ask managers and supervisors to encourage employees to use their sick leave if they recognize they are suffering from symptoms of the flu and to not place their co-workers at risk. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our office at 925-631-4212.  

Peter Chen
Interim Director & Chief 

Human Resources Officer

Saint Mary’s College of California

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