Staff Council Committees

Staff Council Committees
Staff Council is comprised of four sub-committees: 

Bylaws, Membership, and Communications

The Bylaws, Membership, and Communications Committee explores, recommends, and facilitates initiatives to raise campus-wide awareness of important events. As a committee, it is responsible for meetings, recruitment, and much more.


Compensation & Benefits

The Compensation and Benefits Committee explores, analyzes, and evaluates proposals related to salary and benefits, in consultation with the Human Resources Department and Vice President for Finance.


Special Events

Special Events organize and act as liaisons to campus community partners. If you are interested in scheduling a time to speak to staff through the monthly Staff general forums, please email and be in correspondence with these members. 


Staff Distinction & Development

The Staff Distinction & Development Committee collaborates with the Human Resources department. The Staff Distinction & Development Committee is responsible for the Staff Distinction Awards. This committee is responsive to the concerns or needs expressed by members and their constituents and shall recommend actions to address those concerns and needs to the Council.