Staff Distinction Awards

Staff Distinction Awards










The purpose of the Staff Distinction Awards is to acknowledge and reward exemplary staff contribution and achievement that support the College’s values, mission, and strategic objectives.

Each year, these awards will honor five SMC staff members who represent high standards of professionalism, commitment, and achievement on behalf of our College and campus community. Awardees are selected annually from among those who have been nominated during the designated nomination period each year.

Award Categories

The five award categories are:

Award Amount

Each individual recipient receives a $3,000 cash award. Cash awards are considered additional pay and will have payroll taxes removed before distribution.

Eligibility Requirements

These awards are intended to acknowledge significant efforts and contribution of full-time and part-time staff.

Other eligibility requirements include the following:

  • DEFINITION OF STAFF: Any employee who is not the President of the College, the Provost, a Vice President, or a Vice Provost, or is a member of the faculty but whose primary function is staff services, is considered staff, including De La Salle Christian Brothers currently on staff assignments; excluded are independent contractors, volunteers, interns, and temporary employees.  
  • Nominees must have at least one year of employment in a non-temporary staff position, prior to the opening of the nomination period.
  • Nominees must be in “good standing.”
  • A staff member is eligible to receive only one award in a three-year period (across all award categories). After three years, they will once again be eligible to receive an award.
  • Staff Council members will not be eligible for Staff  Distinction Awards during the full length of their service on the Staff Council.

Nomination Process  

The nomination period is typically open for the majority of the spring semester. Stay tuned.

Please carefully read the Nomination Guidelines and Tips for Writing a Nomination.  

Selection Committee and Process

Each year, members of the Staff Council will serve as the selection committee. The selection committee will follow a systematic selection process to identify that year’s award recipients, working in collaboration with the Human Resources Department, who will screen nominees for eligibility. The selection committee will evaluate all nominations that meet eligibility requirements.

Nominations will be evaluated based on how well they address the questions on the nomination form, as well as the criteria of the award category. The Selection Committee will use an evaluation rubric to assess the nominations and make final Award decisions.

Award Recipients and Ceremony

The four recipients of the Staff Distinction Awards will be honored annually at a special ceremony. The entire SMC community is welcome to attend the awards ceremony. 

When the date, location, and other details about this event have been determined, this information will be announced on the Staff Council website, the HR website, and through other communication channels.