Resources for Adjunct Faculty

Resources for Adjunct Faculty Resources for Adjunct Faculty

Please see the many helpful resources on this page, including a tab for New Faculty Resources.

Additional Resources:

Campus Parking Permits

- Find information on adjunct faculty parking permits. Note that adjunct faculty should visit the SMC Business Office on campus (Filippi Administrative Hall) for individualized rates and payment information. Please be prepared to pay by check, in-person (no credit cards accepted).

Employee and Labor Relations

- Find the SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with Saint Mary's College.

Time Reporting Process for Special Compensation Work Assignments

- View a helpful guide on how to fill out the timesheet.

Notice: Adjunct Faculty Exempt Classification for Course Assignments

- View the Notice about changes to adjunct faculty classification and related time reporting requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

- View FAQ regarding the change to exempt classification for adjunct faculty with course assignments, and the time reporting requirements for all adjunct faculty with special compensation work assignments.

Course Bidding Period: March 15-April 1

- View the Quick Start Guide for Course Bidding (instructions).