GUIDE Workshop

GUIDE Workshop

Gaels Uniting for Inclusion & Diversity through Education (GUIDE)  (Tier 1)   

What is GUIDE (Tier 1) ?

GUIDEGaels Uniting for Inclusion and Diversity through Education (Tier 1) – is SMC’s campus-wide workshop for all employes. The program title and acronym symbolize our belief that we have the capacity to teach and learn from each other; to guide and be guided toward a deeper understanding of and respect for our intersecting differences and similarities. It also represents our conviction that shared intention combined with collective action will guide our College on the journey toward a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment for all members of our campus community.

The GUIDE Workshop, which is 4.5 hours in length, focuses on community building and working with its participants to develop a basic understanding of power, privilege, and systems of oppression; adjusts its pedagogical approach to be sensitive of the power dynamics among its attendees and minimize the risk of burdening those from marginalized groups.This workshop is required for all faculty and staff at least once every three years.


After the Program

There may also be periodic follow-up activities to the GUIDE workshops; the titles and dates of these events are sent out by email to the faculty and staff list-serves.