Employee & Staff Handbooks

Employee & Staff Handbooks
To Whom the Employee Handbook Applies

This Employee Handbook as amended from time to time is intended to inform individuals employed at the College of their benefits and obligations as an employee of the College. The Employee Handbook is for both Staff and Faculty.  It contains federal, state, and local governance that pertains to those employed at the College.

As an employee of Saint Mary's College, it is your responsibility to be aware of the laws that govern us as a College and as an employer in the state of California.

To Whom the Staff Handbook Applies

The Staff Handbook contains policies and procedures that apply to Staff only.

Staff Employees Who Concurrently Hold Faculty Status

Individuals assigned to work at or who are employed by the College in a staff position (i.e., in any non-teaching role) and who concurrently hold faculty appointments to teach must also refer to the Faculty Handbook, as they may be covered by applicable provisions of both this Handbook and the Faculty Handbook, depending on the context and their role (staff or teaching) in which a work-related situation arises.

When an individual has both staff and teaching responsibilities and, as a result holds concurrent staff and faculty status, the AVP, Chief Human Resource Officer or designee, in consultation with the Provost, makes the final decision as to which handbook controls the particular issue(s) and/or conduct.


Both the Employee and Staff Handbooks will be amended from time to time.  If you have a request to make a revision in the Staff Handbook, please refer to the guidelines in that handbook and direct your recommendation/revision to the person that oversees the area of recommended change.

Faculty Handbook

The Office of Human Resources is not authorized to revise the Faculty Handbook.  You can use the click link below to view the Faculty Handbook.