Internships & Careers

Not planning to run for office?  That’s OK!  There are plenty of career opportunities for a Politics major.


The Politics major provides a liberal arts education that fosters an appreciation of diverse political cultures and identities, as well as responsible civic engagement. While not designed as a vocational major, it prepares students for careers in government service, international affairs, secondary school teaching, journalism, community service, and business.


Postgraduate School

It also serves the needs of students who seek postgraduate education in political science, law, public policy, and international studies. Students seeking a career in the legal profession will find that the Politics Department’s law-related courses will prepare them with a broad background and specific tools with which to undertake their legal education.

Students who expect to pursue graduate study in Politics should note that knowledge of foreign languages and/or statistics is usually required for a graduate degree. Knowledge of modern languages is also particularly important for careers in international affairs. Department faculty advisors assist students in selecting appropriate elective courses according to the student's educational and career goals.



The department participates in several off-campus programs that allow students to combine study with practical experience in public life. Students may arrange to receive academic credit for internships with local agencies, officials, or political groups. Of special interest to Politics majors is the Public Service Internship (PSI) program. It fulfills the Community Engagement (CE) core requirement and earns students a $1,000 Educational Leadership Scholarship. The internship includes an academic component, during which students explore theories of change, organizational theory, vocational exploration, and topics related to the Politics major.

Students interested in American politics can spend a semester studying at American University in Washington, D.C., which includes an internship with a government agency or interest group. A similar arrangement with the California State University in Sacramento provides an opportunity to study California state government.

Capital Fellows Program

The nationally recognized Capital Fellows Program awards public policy fellowships that offer unique experiences in policy-making and development. Rooted in experiential learning and public service, Capital Fellows spend 10-11 months as part of a cohort working in a Legislative, Executive or Judicial Branch office. All Fellows receive:

  •     a monthly stipend of $2,794, as well as medical, dental and vision benefits;
  •     fully-paid enrollment and earn six graduate units;
  •     student loan deferment; and
  •     upon successful completion of the fellowship, a Graduate Certificate in Applied Policy and Government.

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