Staff Council Roster

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Staff Council Members

Name Department Email Extention
Emily Adelmann IT Services [email protected] 4010
Sami Al-Asfour IT Services [email protected] 8812
Vacant Position       
Jeannie Harberson KSOE External Relations Administrator [email protected] 4936
Megan Karbley Community Life [email protected] 8665
Gina Kessler Lee Library [email protected] 4413
Vince Nicosia Director of Business Operations [email protected] 4135
Collin Pugh Student Engagement and Academic Success [email protected] 4678
Cesar Ramos (Chair) Intercultural Center [email protected] 8545
Josh Rose Library [email protected] 8563
Joshua Rosenthal Graduate Business [email protected] 4503
John Schneider Saint Mary's Art Museum [email protected] 4363
Nick Van Santen Mission and Ministry [email protected] 4075
Patrice Young KSOE [email protected] 4595