New Student Organization Resources

New Student Organization Resources

Here you will find resources which will be helpful to your organization.  

Finding and Joining an Organization

Use our student org portal Presence! Presence can be found on your MySMC portal ( once you login in the top center set of links. Presence allows you to build your own individual profile, browse student groups, see events and meeting times on campus, and even join groups directly from the software. 

How to Start a New Student Organization: 

1. Before registering a new org on Presence, please write your mission statement, constitution, and choose your officers/structure and an advisor if applicable. Please note that you will need to have at least 2 executive members, the President and Treasurer being mandatory roles needed. 

2. Once your forms are complete, fill out the registration form which you can find on Presence. A SIL staff member will then contact you to inform you of the new organization process. 

4. All of the information will be reviewed by Associated Students representatives and the Assistant Director of Student Involvement & Leadership. You may need to make edits after the initial review. If approved, you will be guided through having a Petition to Charter. 

Note: Please keep in mind that approving and processing may take up to a month.