Is My Relationship Unhealthy?

Is My Relationship Unhealthy? Is My Relationship Unhealthy?

Signs of Unhealthy Relationships - Things to Think About

It is often very difficult to realize the signs of a potentially unhealthy relationship until you have a lot invested in the partnership. But it is important to understand yourself and what works or does not work for you. If you choose to be in a relationship, you deserve for it to be supportive and for it to feel good. 

Some things to ask yourself when determining whether or not your relationship is good for you:

Do you or your partner...

  • Use guilt or jealousy to influence what the other person does or who they see?
  • Put the other person down or make them feel bad about themselves?
  • Threaten to out the other's gender identity, sexual orientation, or immigration status to family or friends?
  • Control the other's freedom (who they spend time with, where they go, what they wear)
  • Pressure the other person to do something sexual they don't want to do? 

How are things feeling?

Does my partner(s):

  • Support me and my choices?
  • Support me in spending time with my friends and family and doing the things I like to do outside of our relationship?

Do I:

  • Feel comfortable talking about my feelings, sex, and other important things?
  • Support my partner's independence and identity?

Is your relationship affecting your health?

  • Do you often feel depressed, anxious, or stressed? Is your relationship making it worse?
  • Are you drinking, smoking, or using drugs in order to cope with what is going on in your relationship(s)?
  • Have you noticed a change in your appetite, weight, or sleeping habits?
  • Do you have health issues that can be worsened by chronic stress?

*** Information from Futures Without Violence