Our Vision

In fidelity to our educational mission and Lasallian principles, Saint Mary’s College is committed to leadership in fostering environmental literacy, modeling a culture of sustainability, and creating an equitable future for all of humankind in harmony with nature.

The animating vision of a more sustainable college cannot be achieved without considerable creativity, innovation, flexibility and energy. To achieve our sustainability objectives, we must:

  • Engage our community at all levels. Successful implementation of sustainability objectives will require the initiative to become a stated priority for the Board of Trustees and senior administrative leadership;
  • Conduct a transparent evaluation and planning process that defines tradeoffs and sacrifices in a conscientious fashion;
  • Take full advantage of the College’s substantial intellectual resources – our own students, staff and faculty will generate some of the best solutions;
  • Link our work to the Saint Mary’s mission, recognizing that conducting our work and ourselves sustainably is consistent with the College’s aims and ideals;
  • Assign clear measures to institutional and individual accountability.