Campus Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee provides useful information to the President and Cabinet to inform decision-making that meets the environmental, social and economic needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (Section of the Saint Mary’s College Faculty Handbook).

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee acts as a hybrid “Operating Board” and a “Governing Board”, meaning that its members are acting as operating members (implementing programs) as well as guiding the paid support staff handling the operations of on-campus sustainability. Specifically, the Committee shall:

  • Function as the primary conduit of, and clearing house for, information regarding environmental stewardship and sustainability issues on campus.

  • Develop, recommend and/or sponsor educational programs that promote environmental awareness and sustainability as both an institutional and individual responsibility.

  • Review and monitor those operations on campus that directly affect the College’s use of resources. 

  • Conduct annual assessments of the College’s sustainability efforts and prepare a report for the President and Cabinet. 

  • Update and maintain the College’s sustainability vision statement.

  • Develop rolling multi-year action plans to promote greater awareness of sustainability, to increase campus sustainability over time, and to inform annual operating and capital budget processes.

Sustainability Committee Members

Chair: Jane Camarillo, Vice Provost for Student Life

  • Ann Drevno, Sustainability Director
  • Alice Baldridge, Environmental Science & Studies
  • Elizabeth Davis, Dean of the School of Economics and Business Administration
  • Felicia Martinez, School of Liberal Arts
  • Frances Sweeney, Vice President of Mission
  • Isabella Navarro, Justice, Community and Leadership
  • James Sciuto, Associate Dean of Students
  • Jennifer Pigza, CILSA Director
  • Joel Burely,  School of Science
  • Lorne Ellison, Sodexo Food Services
  • Manisha Anantharaman, School of Liberal Arts
  • Michael Viola, AVP of Facilities Services
  • Michal Strahilevitz, School of Economics and Business Administration
  • Roy Wensley, Dean of School of Science
  • Safa Toma, Director of Environmental Health & Safety