Saint Mary's is implementing a number of initiatives to both shift behaviors as well as make changes within our building envelopes and equipment to maximize energy and cost savings. 

Energy Efficiency

Encouraging a shift towards more energy efficiency practices include but not limited to signage reminding campus users to turn off lights and monitors when not in use, messaging and outreach requesting campus users to turn down their thermostat at the end of the day and during holidays, working with key personnel (food service providers, building managers, etc) to ensure energy efficiency measures are being implemented at every level.

In addition, Saint Mary's in partnership with Marin Clean Energy and CleaResult launched a new "Strategic Energy Management" (SEM) program in Fall 2019 that provides our College with the tools, structure and resources necessary to acheive energy savings through operations and maintenance changes and by engaging employees. This program includings trainings, site walk-throughs, building energy monitoring, and project prioritization to help Saint Mary's acheive the highest energy and cost savings possible. 

Renewable Energy Credits

Beginning in 2015, Saint Mary's committed to offsetting 100% of expected annual electricty usage by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).  These RECs are nationally-sourced Green-e certified and show our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  

Carbon Footprint

For over a decade Saint Mary's has partnered with Sightlines to collect and analyze our annual greenhouse gas emissions.  You can find the most recent Greenhouse Gas Inventory on our Climate Action Plan webpage.