Sustainability is a journey. We continue to build on our established portfolio and drive leadership in these areas and more.

Campus Wetlands

On the Saint Mary’s campus, there is seasonal, freshwater wetland forest, which is a valuable research and educational resource. It is a unique environment in the East San Francisco Bay region with its extensive stand of red willow. In total, 71% of Saint Mary's campus is kept in a managed, wild state. In 2016, the campus became a Certified Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation.


Our efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of transporation have been resoundingly successful. From August, 2010, through March, 2011, Saint Mary's students prevented 35,570 pounds of CO2 from entering the environment by using the bus instead of driving. The total for FY 2010 was 39,332 pounds. Going forward, we have developed a Transportation Demand Management plan that will get more commuters out of Single Occupancy Vehicles and into alternative options.