Free Store

The Free Store at Saint Mary's College aims to 1) reduce the amount of usable items from entering the landfill and 2) provide a space where students can access supplies for their academic and personal growth.  During student move-out in May and throughout the year, we gather reusable supplies for students to attain for free. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the Free Store located?  De La Salle, Room 105

When is the Free Store open? Hours of operations are posted on Instagram and Facebook at the beginning of each semester. 

What is in the Free Store? You can find a list of commonly-found goods in our store in the link above. 

Can I donate items to the Free Store? Yes, you can donate to the Free Store by making an appointment with Free Store Managers Melissa or Gabby (Melissa:, Gabby: ). The Store Managers will assess your items for safety and sanitary purposes, and accept your items if they meet the Store's guidelines. 

Does the Free Store do pop-up shops? Yes, please keep an eye out on our social media pages for Pop-Up Shop announcements. If you would like to collaborate on hosting a pop-up shop for an upcoming event or festival, please contact us. 

How did the Free Store get started?  The Free Store was launched in 2015 by three dedicated and determined students taking Professor Manisha Anantharman's JCL 130: Environmental Justice class.