Why German? 

German is FUN! German is COOL! German is SMART!

  • Fulfills Language Requirement
  • Minor in German Studies
  • Interest in European Affairs
  • Travel to Germany - young people LOVE Germany
  • Music - Rammstein, Fantastischer 4, Bach, Betthoven, Mozart
  • English is a Germanic Language
  • Europe's Economic and Political Center 
  • 2nd Most Commonly Used Language in Europe
  • International Business and Technology
  • Deutsche Bank, Siemes, Allianz, Airbus
  • Get a good job and Impress your employers
  • Graduate School
  • Lanuage of Science, Music Philosophy, Psychology, etc..
  • Heritage of famous Americans
  • Leonardo di Caprio, Sandra Bullock, etc...
  • Cars, Soccer, Sport Shoes, Beer & Gummi Bears
  • BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Adidas, Puma
  • And Much More!


  • Germany is the econoimc and political center of Europe.
  • Knowing German creates opportunities for business, employment, and graduate school.
  • Germans are innovators and exceed in a wide range of activities and areas. For example, the enviornment, techno music, technology, book publishing, etc...
  • German is the 2nd most frequently used language.
  • Germany is a vibrant place for young people.
  • German tourists are the biggest spenders amount tourists in the world.
  • Germans form the largest singel self-reported heritage group in the US.
  • German and English are close relatives and this it is much easier to learn than you think!