French Program


Bonjour! Learn French and become a bridge-builder, cross-cultural communicator, and citizen of the world.

As the official language of 29 countries and the traditional language of diplomacy, French is one of the most pragmatic languages you could study. In fact, France is the third-largest foreign employer in the United States with some 4,800 companies. Being bilingual will open up boundless opportunities in international business, education, public service, academia, and beyond.

Our program is easy to combine with any other major, even if you’ve never studied French before. During your time at Saint Mary’s, your vocabulary will expand, you’ll grow familiar with the social and cultural backdrop of France, and you’ll begin to appreciate the complex logical computations embedded in everyday speech. Along the way, you’ll receive plenty of personalized attention from our faculty, eager to help you succeed in your own unique way.

Come join our vibrant language community!


Study Abroad France

Almost all our students spend a semester or a year in France. With options on four continents and in over a dozen countries, Saint Mary’s offers numerous opportunities to study overseas. Find the program that’s right for you!


French Club

Come join our community of Francophones! The students in the French Club come together for picnics, crepe days, movie nights, and outings to art museums, the symphony, and the ballet.