Japanese and East Asian Studies Program


Kon-ni-chi-wa! Learn a new language and become a bridge-builder, cross-cultural communicator, and citizen of the world.

With the second largest economy on earth, Japan is a hub of international commerce and innovation. Japanese cultural exports are booming, from sushi to manga to karaoke. Learning Japanese will equip you to succeed in our rapidly globalizing world, opening up opportunities in international business, technology, entertainment, education, public service, academia, and beyond.

 During your time at Saint Mary’s, your vocabulary will expand, you’ll grow familiar with the social and cultural backdrop of Japan, and you’ll begin to appreciate distinct Japanese eloquence, where sophisticated communication is purposefully vague and where the word "no" exists but is rarely used.

 Along the way, you’ll receive plenty of personalized attention from our faculty, eager to help you succeed in your own unique way. 

Come join our vibrant language community!


Study Abroad Japan

An adventure of a lifetime. Live in Tokyo, Japan and study at the world-renowned Sophia University or Akita International University. Find the program that’s right for you!



A Look Into The Japanese Program at SMC