English Courses Spring 2024


Spring 2024 English and Creative Writing Classes Offered

  • 200 Issues in Literary Studies       MWF 12:05 - 12:55pm       Lisa Manter 
    • The second step for all English Majors. Build on the skills and knowledge you gained in English 100 and prepare yourself for more English fun. Pre-Req ENGL 19 or 100.
  • 160 Creative Writing: Multi-Genre   M/W 1:30 - 3:10pm          Ingrid Rojas Contreras
    • An introduction to writing Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Playwriting. With visiting writer Prof. Contreras.
  • 260 Visiting Writer Series               Weds. 7:30pm                  Chris Feliciano Arnold
    • A two credit class where students attend talks given by published authors.
  • 315 Studies in a Literary Genre     MWF 9:15 - 10:20am        Robert Gorsch
    • Heroes, Lovers, and Travelers in Story. Varieties of storytelling and types of the protagonist from the Middle Ages to the 1800s. Battles with monsters, tales of King Arthur's court, epic and romance heroes, courtly love, quest plots, novellas and other forms of tale, voyages to exotic places, and more. Satisfies the English major Pre-1800 Requirement.
  • 322 African American Literature    MWF 10:40 - 11:45am      Kathryn Koo
    • In this course, we will survey the artistic achievements of Black women writers from the era of American slavery to the end of the twentieth century. Our reading list will include slave narratives, autobiographical works, and novels. To further develop and extend our engagement with their works, we will also read some of the foundational works of Black feminist theory, with special attention to Kimberlé Crenshaw's theory of intersectionality, which demands consideration of the multiple oppressions - involving race, gender, and class - that have shaped Black women's lives. Join us as we encounter some of the most unforgettable and enduring works of the American literary canon.
  • 355 Korean Cinema                   T/Th 8:00 - 9:40am      Yin Yuan
    • Examine the historical and genre characteristics of Korean cinema in the 20th and 21st centuries. Blending film aesthetics with sociocultural criticism, the class focuses on key directors and texts to consider how Korean film production and cinematography reflect the nation’s regional and global politics.
  • 362 Fiction Workshop               T/Th 11:40 1:20pm       Marilyn Abildskov
    • Try your hand at writing your own fiction short stories and novels while studying canonical writers and workshop your own creations. Pre-Req ENGL 25 or 160
  • 385 Performance Theory           T/Th 1:30 - 3:10pm      Emily Klein
    • Performance theory lives at the intersection of anthropology, critical race theory, gender, sociology, and cultural studies. In this course we will explore a selection of contemporary texts, films, and media that can be understood as performances. Together, we will consider how we all perform our identities through our gestures, styles, professions, genders, nationalities, races, and religions. But on a larger scale, performance also can be understood as a mechanism that has structured relations of power throughout history via public events and phenomena such as politics, ritual, protest, cultural narratives, and dramatic productions of all kinds. 
  • 496 Capstone in English           M/W 3:20 - 5:00pm      Sunayani Bhattacharya
    • The final step before graduation as an English major. Complete your Senior Capstone with Prof. Bhattacharya. It’s going to be great. Pre-Req ENGL 29 or 200