English Internships and Opportunities


It's never too early to consider applying for an internship! Or submitting your work!

Off-Campus Opportunities

On-Campus Opportunties




How to get academic credit for an internship:


  • Fill out the online Internship Petition Form and find a faculty member who is willing to sponsor you during the internship. Your faculty sponsor and the Department Chair will need to sign the petition form as well.
  • Discuss the expectations and terms of the internship with your faculty sponsor and agree to those terms as part of the course requirements. A bibliography of books read during the internship, a written report, set meetings with the sponsor, or a final exam may be expected in order to receive credit.
  • Once the petition form is completed, you or your sponsor will forward it to the Registrar for final preparation.
  • This petition is to be filed with the Registrar's Office no later than the end of drop/add period.


*Internships pursued for academic credit during the Summer term require a tuition payment. Only quarter credit internships pursued during the Fall and Spring terms are free of charge.*


Visit the SMC Career and Professional Development Services for other helpful information on internships.


Know of any relevant experiences, positions or opportunities?

We are always looking for new internships!  If you know of a relevant opportunity, please contact Ryan McKinley (rm20@stmarys-ca.edu).