Theatre Photos


Select Photos from Previous Theatre Productions:


The School For Lies

Spring 2020

A group photo of fancy-dressed people sitting on a high-end couch on stage. Three women in the middle are wearing dresses while two men at the edge of the couch wear tuxedos.


Dance Nation

Fall 2020

A poster for "Dance Nation" which shows red-shirted dancers looking blurry



Spring 2019

A group photo of white-gartered performers wearing white facepaint for a production of Cabaret. A stage light shines on a male performer looking out towards the crowd.


This is Modern Art

Fall 2019

A man in a hoodie looks down while being lit above by a stage light. In his hand, what seems to be a needle.


Impure Thoughts (without apology)

Spring 2018

A close-up shot of a nun next to a girl with a headwrap looking at her, smiling.


Three Sisters

Fall 2018

A group photo of three old-time women posed behind a forest background.


In the Heights

Fall 2017

An illustrated, vibrant-yellow header of multiple dancers for In the Heights. Behind them, a mural with the multiple flags like Puerto Rico and the United States


...and Jesus Moonwalks the Mississippi 

Fall 2017

Two Black men wearing white sitting outside, looking up at camera. One of the performers is laying on the other, with his arms crossed.


The Imaginary Invalid

Spring 2012

Students playing Argan, the invalid, and Toinette, the maid in Imaginary Invalid


Angels Among US

Spring 2011

A man extends his arm against a colored background of a castle gate with tropical greenery peering through the entrance of the gate.


Angels in America - Part One: Millennium Approaches

Fall 2010

Two people are seated, being lit by a single lightbulb. Their environment (stage) is dreary and dark. In the corner, a man is seated on the floor, hiding in the shadows.