Performing Arts Department


At Saint Mary’s we build creative artists with strong foundational skills and adventuresome spirits.

You’ll receive conservatory-caliber training in a small classroom setting. Our world-renowned faculty of scholars and artists will equip you for graduate studies or a career in the performing arts, while developing your critical thinking and communication skills, the hallmarks of a liberal arts education.

As a Dance, Theatre, or Music student, you’ll progress through a sequence of courses that will emphasize performance practice, history and theory, and criticism and analysis. You’ll also be encouraged to explore interdisciplinary pathways through classes and performance opportunities beyond your home program.

A student offscreen reading sheet music


In addition to need and merit-based scholarships, incoming students are eligible for the Performing Arts Scholarship, totaling $13,000 per year. Apply in October! Scholarships fill up fast.



The Making of a Musical

In the year 2020, when many canceled performances, the Performing Arts Department got to work creating an original musical, gather ‘round, built by students for students. Working virtually with industry professionals across the country, the team created a musical from the group up, composing music, writing the script, learning choreography, and even how to set up lighting and cameras. Watch our short video about their journey.

A group of dancers with their backs to the audience while the middle dancer jumps

Box Office

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Program & School Information


Cathy Davalos, Dance Program Director
Sixto F. Montesinos Jr., Head of Instrumental Studies & Assistant Professor of Performing Arts, Music
Deanna Zibello, Theatre Program Director
Tara Sundy, Performing Arts Coordinator & Events Manager/Box Office Manager