Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate Tuition & Fees 2017-2018 (fall due 8/8/17 -spring due 1/8/18)

Full-time (4 courses per term plus Jan Term- 5th course available with advisor approval) $45,536
Part-time (less than 7 courses per year, per course) $5,706

Additional courses (over 10.00 courses, requires approval of advisor)

Only 1 course is permitted in Jan Term.


Open Enrollment (per course, no more than 4 courses per year, 2 per term only) $3,420

Student Body Fee

Traditional Style Double with Meal Plan included $15,370
Traditional Style Single with Meal Plan included $16,366
Traditional Style Triple with Meal Plan included $14,286
Suite Style Double with Meal Plan included $15,576
Suite Style Single with Meal Plan included $16,570
Suite Style Triple with Meal Plan included $14,490
Townhouse Style Double (Room Only) $9,900
Townhouse Style Double with Meal Plan included $15,100
Townhouse Style Triple (Room Only) $8,900
Townhouse Style Triple with Meal Plan included $14,100

Meal Plan Choices:

Traditional Style Residence Hall and Suite Style Residence Hall prices above include the

student's choice of one of the following:

  • All You Care to Eat 5-day option, Monday-Friday (plus $200) and Supercharged Flex Dollars ($100 fall/$100 spring)
  • All You Care to Eat 7-day option, Monday-Sunday (plus $80) and Supercharged Flex Dollars ($40 fall/$40 spring)


Additional Supercharged Flex Bundles, for additional dining flexibility:

  • Red Plan -    $250 Supercharged Flex
  • White Plan - $500 Supercharged Flex
  • Blue Plan -   $1,000 Supercharged Flex


Please contact Housing for more information!




Please Note: Tuition and fees do not include lab fees, material fees, library fines, parking fees, student loan fees or any other miscellaneous fees.  There is no undergraduate tuition charge for Jan term for full-time undergraduate students. Jan term costs include lab fees, material fees, and travel costs (if applicable).

All full-time undergraduate students are REQUIRED to have medical insurance.  The school negotiated insurance with Anthem Blue Cross is $2,720 for the 2017-2018 academic year. Please visit for details.

Partial credit .25 courses: Undergraduate students who are registered in at least one full course, matake quarter- course credit (.25) classes with no additional fee (excluding the summer semester). Part-time students will be billed for quarter credits.

 The school negotiated insurance is mandatory for international students and U.S. citizens with primary residence abroad.

Graduate and Professional tuition and fees vary from program to program. Please consult with your Program Director for current rates and/or withdrawal policies.

If you have billing-related questions, our Business Office can help! Please visit their site or just give them a call.


Saint Mary's is an independent institution that receives no operating support from public funds. Student tuition fees cover approximately 3/4ths of the cost of the general education services provided by the College. Endowment, support of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, and gifts from trustees, parents, alumni, other friends, corporations, and foundations offsets the remaining balance.