Preparation for High School Teaching Emphasis

Many Saint Mary’s English majors hope to occupy “the other side of the desk” when they graduate.

If you think you may be interested in teaching high school English, you’ll be happy to learn that the State of California has approved our program for preparing high school teachers in single subject matter competency. Completion of the approved program waives the difficult CSET Examinations (Praxis and SSAT) that one must pass before teaching English in high school. You still need to take a sequence of education courses to earn your credential. These are available at the graduate level and some may be taken during your senior year.

It is important that students interested in a teaching career consult both the coordinator of the Subject Matter Preparation Program in English (Hilda Ma) and the director of the Single Subject Credential Program in the School of Education (Clifford Lee) to make sure all prerequisites are being met. The requirements for the SMPP can be found here for Fall 2018 and beyond.

The department recommends the study of foreign languages. Students who plan to do graduate work should consult their advisors about work in other languages (e.g., German, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, Latin and Greek).