Environmental & Earth Science

Learn to understand the natural systems around us, acquire the skills needed to solve serious environmental problems, and engage in the search for rational, sustainable forms of ecosystem management.

You'll study environmental management in a way that combines scientific method with social science, humanities and the arts. Our location also gives you access to a diverse range of study sites, including tidal, freshwater, estuarine and marine systems, a delta, mountains, lakes, deserts, forests, valleys and scrub lands.

Field assistant Ben Harte ’22 assists Nelson and Professor Williams with a core sample.

Our Environmental & Earth Science Programs

The Environmental and Earth Science program will give you a unique, layered perspective on the ecosystems, the interaction between physical and living systems, and the effects of human society on the world around us. We face increasingly serious issues with environmental degradation and ecosystem mismanagement. The knowledge and skills you gain through our program will enable you to take meaningful action, not just in the academic and scientific arenas but also in the economic and political arenas.

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Environmental & Earth Science