Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities

A specialized living and learning environment that embodies curricular and co-curricular components.

All students, regardless of major, identity, or background, are encouraged to apply for a Living Learning Community to make living in your community a successful and enjoyable experience! 

There are several themed “living learning” communities in the residence halls.  A Saint Mary’s College living learning community provides resident students:

  • A unified theme and shared sense of goals within the community;
  • Intimate engagement with Saint Mary’s through conscious contribution and fellowship;
  • Improved academic and social transition in each stage of student development;
  • Increased personal and academic learning and development; and,
  • A supporting and challenging environment in which students engage in ideas and explore diverse views and values.

Honors Living Learning Community

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First-year Students Admitted with Honors

The honors LLC features live-in tutors specializing in the sciences and the humanities – along with dedicated live-in faculty – help create an intellectually stimulating and supportive community.

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STEM Living Learning Community

Assumption Hall

Incoming first-year students in Science majors may elect to participate in this exciting Living and Learning Community. Participants live together in Assumption Hall.

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Transfer Living

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Transfer Living Learning Community

This community, open to new and returning transfer students, will welcome students to Becket Hall and More Hall. Here, transfer students will feel an immediate sense of community while participating in academic and professional based programs. 

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