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Dear Saint Mary's College Staff Members,
The College is announcing the implementation of a policy to facilitate increased flexibility in work scheduling for staff employees.  We hope this new resource tool will enhance the staff members' overall experience, work and life balance. The new policy, which was endorsed by Staff Council and approved by Cabinet, is effective July 1, 2018.
Overtime Payment Practice Change
In order to support the success of the Flexible Work Schedule policy initiative the College will, effective July 1, 2018, end its past voluntary practice on paying overtime to employees in non-exempt positions. Going forward the College will pay overtime after work of 8 hours in a day (previously 7.5 hours), and after 40 hours in a week (formerly 37.5 hours) .  This change brings College policy and practice into full alignment with California wage and hour regulations. This change allows the opportunity for instituting flexible work arrangements while balancing both employee and College operating needs.
We want to thank and acknowledge the initiative of members of the Staff Council, led by Cesar Ramos, and others at large for contributing ideas and input to the development of this new Flexible Work Schedule policy.
The Policy statement is stated below.  It will be placed on the Human Resources website for access.  The Flexible Work Schedule Request form with procedures, and flexible work schedule signature agreement will be placed in the Forms section of the Human Resources website.

Flexible Work Schedule Policy

In order to meet the challenges employees encounter as they seek to balance the demands of work and family, employees of Saint Mary’s College may request flexible work schedule arrangements that permit variations in starting and departure times. These variations must conform to the operational needs of the work unit and may not alter the total number of hours worked in a workweek.

Employees may request, or supervisors may require that approved flexible work arrangements be implemented on a trial basis to provide an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the arrangement. The trial period may continue for up to six months after initial approval. At six-month intervals thereafter, continuation of the flexible work arrangement will require a review and approval by the employee's supervisor and department manager/director/dean. The flexible work arrangement may be terminated, with four weeks’ notice, at any point after its initial implementation, if it interferes with the operational needs of the work unit.

The form to request flexible work arrangements is available on-line at the Human Resources website (Forms). All terms and conditions of employment remain unchanged during flexible work arrangements except those addressed by the arrangement.

Laurie Panian

AVP - Chief Human Resources Officer

Saint Mary's College of California