Office of the Registrar

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We are committed to ensuring the integrity, accuracy, and security of student academic records and providing high-quality, respectful, and efficient service for all of our SMC populations.


January Term Travel Registration Process

There are special Fall semester registration processes, requirements, and deadlines for students enrolling in a Jan Term Travel course. What follows are detailed notes on those requirements. Contact Jan Term ( / x4245) with any questions. 

Please visit the January Term office for more information.


Fall 2018 Add/Drop

Monday, August 27 - Tuesday, September 4.

  • Forms will be available on Monday, August 27th at the Registrar's Office
  • All Drop/Add forms must be completed and filed in the Office of the Registrar by 5:00 pm, Tuesday, September 4th
  • You must obtain the signature of the course instructor AND your academic advisor to add a class. 
  • For .25 (quarter credit) classes, you must obtain the signature of the instructor only to add a class.
  • You may drop a class with only an advisor’s signature.