Add/Drop Procedures in GaelXpress 2.0

Add/Drop Procedures in GaelXpress 2.0

Since Fall 2020, the add/drop process has been moved from paper to digital formatting. The information and resources below will aim to provide you with the tools you need in order to shift to this new add/drop process.

Students who have not registered in a course by the end of the add/drop period, and have not made suitable alternative arrangements with the Registrar, are ineligible to be enrolled or to participate in the course in any way. This includes attending, completing assignments, taking exams or receiving credit for the course at a later time.

If there are any students who do not attend your class, please e-mail the Office of the Registrar at:  and we will drop them from your class.

Important Deadlines for UG Fall Term 2024:

  1. First day to add or drop a class: 08/26/2024
  2. Last day to add or drop a class:09/01/2024 

Tutorial Videos:

  1. Add Authorization: use this to give students permission to add a course during the add/drop period. All students will need this during the add/drop periodPlease note that students are still responsible to self-register for the course to add to their schedule.
    1. Tutorial video
  2. Course Permissions:
    1. Requisite Waiver (course specific): use this when students need a requisite waived before being allowed to take the course. This varies by course and is determined by the individual instructor. Depending on your course, not all students will need this so you might not be required to fill this portion out on the new course permissions tab in 2.0. Please note that this is different from the add authorization. Permission will still need to be given for the student to add the course. 
      1. Tutorial video
    2. Instructor's Consent (course specific): use this when students need an instructor's consent before being allowed to take the course. This varies by course and is determined by the individual instructor. For example, certain sections may want to vet all students beforehand because of various reasons and wouldn't want just anyone to add their section(s) either during the registration period or add/drop. If your course doesn't require specific instructor's consent, then all you need to do is complete the add authorization module for students (during the add/drop period). Please note that this is different from the add authorization. Permission will still need to be given for the student to add the course. 
      1. Tutorial video


  1. I gave my student permission to add the course on GaelXpress 2.0, but they can't seem to register. How do I fix this? 
    1. Different factors could affect this:
      1. If you gave them the wrong permission. For example, you gave them instructor's consent instead of add authorization.
      2. When students cannot register online, they will be given an error message. The more information they provide you as to why they cannot register, the better you can determine the issue.
        1. "Faculty add authorization is required to add the section at this time."
        2. "The following required prerequisite for the course is not started.Take...minimum grade C-..."
        3. "Student requires instructor's consent to register in..."
        4. "Registration in...puts students in overload for...term. Petition is required."
  2. Can I allow a student to "sit" in my class while they figure out their registration issue(s)? 
    1. No. Students should be directed to our office for further assistance if this is something outside of a "permissions" issue. For example, if they have a hold on their account, they need to resolve that hold with the respective department. 
  3. Can you explain how the process looks from a student/instructor perspective from start to finish? 
    1. A student logs into GaelXpress to add a course.
    2. The system gives them an error message (e.g. requisite, add authorization, instructor consent).
    3. Student emails their advisor and the instructor for the course.
    4. Instructor grants permission on GaelXpress 2.0 (e.g. requisite, add authorization, instructor consent) and replies back to the student and advisor.
      1. As mentioned above, the add authorization will be required during add/drop week, whereas the requisite waiver and instructor's consent might not be. It is dependent on your particular course restrictions.  
    5. Student then logs back in and registers for the course. 
  4. Are all departments using this online add/drop feature? 
    1. No. Business Administration, Seminar, English, and Math Departments use a centralized add/drop process. Please check with their departments for specific details.   


Faculty Add/Drop Instructions