Registrar Staff

Registrar Staff

The Office of the Registrar has an open door policy. If you have inquiries or need assistance, please feel free to stop by and see us or give us a call. We are more than happy to assist you. 


Registrar Staff


Tracey Y. Donaldson
Assistant Vice-President and Registrar

Tel: 925.631.4645

Hark Singh
Associate Registrar

Tel:  925.631.4679

Areas of focus:

  • Academic Course Scheduling
  • Classroom Scheduler
  • Technological Projects

Jonathan Hooker
Senior Assistant Registrar, Degree Audit Analyst

Tel: 925.631.8283

Areas of Focus:

  • Degree Audit/Academic Evaluations
  • Diploma Conferral
  • NCAA Division I Eligibility
  • Office of the Registrar Website Maintenance 

Vacant, Contact the Registrar's Office
Assistant Registrar, Transfer Credit Analyst

Tel: 925.631.4214

Areas of Focus:

  • Matriculated Student External Transfer Courses
  • International and Study Abroad
  • Petition Processing

Antwan Hunt

Student Records Coordinator

Tel: 925.631.5004

Areas of Focus:

  • Declaration of Major/Minor
  • Diploma Preparation/Shipping
  • Petition Processing


Our Mission

The Office of the Registrar's mission is to advance the teaching and learning goals of the College by providing efficient and effective enrollment processes and exceptional service to students, faculty and staff members, parents and alumni. A primary way we achieve these goals is by identifying and implementing technological tools for the management and retention of academic records from matriculation to degree conferral.  The Office contributes to the Lasallian Core principles by supporting the integrity of academic policies and procedures and maintaining an office environment that is inclusive and demonstrates respect for all members of our community.