Faculty Drop/Add Procedures

What are the drop/add procedures?

The Undergraduate Drop/Add period for the Fall 2020 term is Monday, August 31st through

Tuesday, September 8th.

The Office of the Registrar will accept completed drop/add forms from students until Tuesday, September 8th at 5:00pm.

Students may drop classes without an instructor's signature.

If a student adds your class, you must sign a drop/add form for the student.
The student's academic advisor must also sign their drop/add form.

Students who have not registered in a course by the end of the add/drop period,
and have not made suitable alternative arrangements with the Registrar,
are ineligible to be enrolled or to participate in the course in any way.
*This includes attending, completing assignments, taking exams or receiving credit
for the course at a later time.

If there are any students who do not attend your class, please e-mail the Office of the Registrar at
regoff@stmarys-ca.edu  and we will administratively drop them from your class.