Important Fall 2020 Student Registration and Drop/Add Information

**This page contains important information for the Fall 2020 Registration and Drop/Add Period**





Fall 2020 Registration

Registration will take place on the following days:

Seniors = 4/30

Juniors = 5/4

Sophomores = 5/5

Freshmen = 5/6

In preparation for the Fall 2020 registration, make sure you have received approval from your advisor. Otherwise, you will not be able allowed register. Please also check GaelXpress to make sure you don't have any holds (i.e. Business Office, Health Center, Registrar, etc.) as this will also prevent you from registering for classes. 


The Drop/Add period is Monday, August 31 through Tuesday, September 8.  All Drop/Add forms must be completed and filed in the Office of the Registrar by 5:00 pm, Tuesday, September 8th.  You must obtain the signature of the course instructor AND your academic advisor to add a class.  For .25 (quarter credit) classes, you must obtain the signature of the instructor only to add a class.


You may drop a class with only an advisor’s signature.


  • Students who are enrolled as full-time students (3 or more course credits) as of Tuesday, September 8, will be charged full-time tuition.


  • Students who enroll in extra courses will be charged additional tuition for those courses as of Tuesday, September 8.


Centralized Drop/Add

The Business Administration, English 003, 004, 005, Mathematics and  Collegiate Seminar departments have centralized drop/add Individual instructors may not add or drop you from these courses.   The BUSAD department, Composition, and Collegiate Seminar will process your drop/add form and forward them to the Office of the Registrar for your convenience.

*Please note:  BUSAD Petition Process is only for the first three days of the term to avoid classroom distraction.

You must go directly to the following locations to drop or add courses:


  • Business Administration - Galileo 309
  • EDUC-070-FYAC - Filippi Administration Building  or e-mail
  • English 003, 004 and 005 – online form: or Dante 304                               
  • Collegiate Seminar – Arcade 2 (right of the chapel)
  • Math and Computer Science –Galileo 101B


Waiting Lists

If you are wait-listed for a course or courses, you must attend the first class session to determine if the instructor can accommodate you.  If you are admitted to the course, you must turn in a signed Drop/Add form to the Office of the Registrar during the Drop/Add period. 


You are not officially registered in the course until the Office of the Registrar receives and processes your Drop/Add form.


GaelXpress – Online Services

GaelXpress gives you access to your information online. SMC students may view and print their schedules, unofficial transcripts and academic evaluations using GaelXpress.  The Drop/Add process may not be completed using GaelXpress.


Independent Studies and Internships

For the Fall 2020 term, students must file the form for an independent study or internship by Tuesday, September 8 .  The form must be filled out completely and submitted online by the student. The Office of the Registrar will forward the form to the appropriate instructor and department chair. *Failure to submit the form online by the deadline will result in the form being returned to the student and the petition denied.*



The Office of the Registrar needs your current address and phone number.  If you have moved or changed your phone number, please notify the Office of the Registrar immediately. 


You may submit your address change at our website: . Click on “Forms”, then click on the “Change of Address” link.


Withdrawal Policy regarding Financial Aid

Any student withdrawing from the College during the first 60% of the term will only be entitled to the percentage of Title IV financial aid equal to the percentage of time actually completed in the term.  For example, a student completing 40% of the term will get to keep only 40% of their federal aid, even though the tuition charged may be 100%.  The date of the withdrawal, used to calculate the percent of the time the student was enrolled, is the date that the student begins the withdrawal process.  Questions about the applicable federal regulations should be directed to the Financial Aid Office at x4370.


Disabled Student Services

If you have a disability, Saint Mary's College offers assistance and services.  The facilities of the College have been modified to assist you toward your educational goals.  For more information, please contact Academic Support and Achievement program at x4164.


Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

You may visit the Office of the Registrar website at for the latest information regarding FERPA.


.25 Courses

Students may take quarter-course credit (.25) classes and only 12 (.25 credit ) may be applied towards a degree. Fees for quarter-credit courses may apply.