Employee and Labor Relations

Employee and Labor Relations

Our Mission is.."to create a student-centered educational community whose members support one another with mutual understanding and respect." 


Saint Mary's College strives to create a safe and supportive learning environment that values diversity and builds inclusive community. The core Lasallian principles of social justice, faith in the presence of God, respect for all persons, inclusive community and quality education are manifested by our college in many ways. This page supports our effort to communicate processes and agreements to assist the community in these goals.

On this page you will find our SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with Saint Mary's College. The College values and respects the role of Bargaining Unit Faculty as valued and integral members of a learning community.  It is the goal of all parties to foster a relationship between the parties that will be characterized by a spirit of professionalism, collegiality, and cooperation toward a common objective of providing an exceptional educational experience for the College’s students.  All parties agree that they will act in a manner that supports this common goal.  All parties believe that providing an exceptional educational experience for the College’s students can be supported when these parties communicate their respective perspectives while demonstrating mutual respect for each other. 

The parties recognize and support the commitment of the College to provide the very best in educational opportunities to all students.  All parties seek to achieve the core common objective of giving the College’s students the best education possible. For more information, read the Provost's announcement below regarding the mutually endorsed Collective Bargaining Agreement.

We will also be posting resources to assist the implementation of the CBA and in the areas of conflict resolution for community members. If you need assistance, please contact our office at 925-631-4212 between the hours of 8:30 am -4:30 pm, Mondays-Fridays.

Additional resources for Adjunct Faculty may be found on the Faculty Development site, including course bidding and time reporting information.

To view the most current Collective Bargaining Agreement please go to the 'Resources for Adjunct Faculty' page.




Collective Bargaining Agreement Reached

Dear Saint Mary’s Community Members,

I am pleased to announce that the College has reached a mutually endorsed collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with the union representing adjunct faculty at Saint Mary’s.

The agreement is consistent with the College’s compensation philosophy for faculty and staff. It provides a fair wage in the Bay Area marketplace, and is consistent with our commitment to social justice and the dignity of all persons as a Catholic college in the Lasallian tradition of the Christian Brothers.

The new contract ensures that all adjunct faculty will receive a wage increase. As of July 1, 2016 part-time adjunct faculty will be placed on a new, single pay scale that provides a range of increases averaging 4.2%. In the second year of the agreement, the scale increase will be 5.2%, and in FY 2019 it will adjust upward 4.9%.

In addition to providing equitable and sustainable per-course compensation, the agreement clearly delineates course preparation and instruction from service and other non-teaching duties. It also provides sick leave and compensation for course cancellations, establishes systems for course assignments based on seniority, and creates processes for performance reviews and grievances. Full-time adjunct positions will continue to be offered based on specific needs as approved by the College, and salary for full-time adjunct faculty will continue to be tied to the tenure-track faculty pay scale.

Saint Mary’s appreciates the contributions of all our faculty members, and this new agreement underscores the College’s and the union’s mutual goal of ensuring an excellent education for our students.

Beth Dobkin