Interview with Faculty

The faculty will want to get to know you (parents or friends will be excused from the interview). We will look at any letters of recommendation as well as your resume. We will ask you how you want to be involved with the performing arts (music, dance or theatre) at Saint Mary’s and how it fits in with your goals.

We will be interested in your possible major, but remember that performing arts minors are eligible to receive scholarship awards. The interview is intended to be a non-stressful conversation, so just relax and help us get to know what the performing arts mean to you.

Dance and Theatre Applicants: Please bring two letters of recommendation from directors, conductors, choreographers, teachers etc. who can speak about your artistic achievements, potential, work ethic, and maturity. This is in addition to whatever is required for admission to the college. Please bring letters to your audition in a sealed, signed envelope.

Music Applicants: Three letters of recommendation are required in advance, to be sent from your references directly to Prof. Renée Witon at