Theatre Program

Saint Mary's offers two types of merit scholarships for artistic excellence in Theatre: Performance and Theatre Studies, and Design and Technical Theatre. Click here to find out how you can apply!

A statement from the Theatre faculty 

  • We stand in support of Black lives, in our program and beyond.

  • We are interrogating the structures of white supremacy we inhabit and have upheld. We recognize that people have experienced harm in our program. We are sorry.

  • We recognize and thank the artists of “The Ground We Stand On” for their clear articulation of demands for academic institutions in We See You White American Theatre.

  • We are working both individually and collectively, at both the department and the program level, and have been meeting regularly since June. We are committed to continuing to do so.

  • We are creating an evolving document/action plan in response to the demands. We pledge to incorporate student voices. 

Deanna Zibello, Theatre Program Director
Matthew Cohen
Rebecca Engle 
Beckett Finn
Victor Malana Maog
Amissa Miller
Tara Sundy

We See You White American Theatre

In July 2020, a group of over 250 BIPOC theatre artists released an open letter and list of demands entitled "We see you, white american theatre." In homage to August Wilson, the group calls themselves The Ground We Stand On.

The Theatre Faculty are currently engaged in discussion of this document, and plan to post a list of action items soon.



No audition is required to major or minor in Theatre at Saint Mary’s College. Auditions are required for most productions. The Saint Mary’s Theatre Program practices culturally inclusive casting, and we welcome first­-years, transfers and beginners in our productions. All roles are open.

The Theatre Program offers two separate degree tracks:

Our curriculum integrates practical and technical coursework with performance and production opportunities, and with the study of theatre history, theory, and dramatic literature, producing deep thinkers and dynamic theatre-makers.