Politics Department Scholarship

An exciting new scholarship opportunity open to first year students planning on studying and majoring in Politics at SMC.

Awards of $13,000 per year awarded to entering first time freshmen for each of four years of consecutive full-time study.

 Initial application process:

  • Applicants must submit all application materials (Common Application, high school transcript, a letter of recommendation, ACT or SAT scores on or before the deadline of January 15, 2017.
  • Application materials for the Politics award (listed below) must be submitted via email to scholarships-smcuser@stmarys-ca.edu or by mail to Admissions Office, c/o Pedro Ramirez, PO Box 4800, Moraga, CA 94575 on or before noon, January 15th, 2017.
  • Students with complete applications must interview on campus February 25th, 2017 with Politics department faculty. (Overnight accommodations may be available on Friday, February 24th provided two weeks' notice is provided.) The college may be able to assist in travel cost to students outside of Northern California; inquire with Pedro Ramirez at scholarships-smcuser@stmarys-ca.edu for more information.
  • Students may only apply for one departmental scholarship (i.e. all Liberal Arts, Business, Performing Arts, and Mathematics scholarships.)


Additional Politics Scholarship Application Materials:

  • A letter of recommendation from an individual testifying  to the applicant's interest in politics
  • A personal essay (<750 words) addressing the applicant's interest in politics and providing evidence in the form of personal experience, study, service, or career expectations



The recipient must major in politics and contribute actively to the Department's work.  Such contributions might include assisting faculty research and teaching activities and organizing department events.